Thursday, August 23, 2007


Alright i've put this out long enough. I mean come on if Shelly did it before me...thats just plain sad! So here goes 7 things you don't know about me...

7. I want to be a cosmotologist when i grow up! I love to do hair and nails and stuff like that so when i'm a junior i'm gonna go to beauty school and take classes. That way when i graduate I will have my degree.

6. I went to EFY this year and met a really cute guy...I'm sure you can figure out which one i'm talking about. And he and I talk everyday either through email or on the phone...and I absoulutly love it!(but to him were just friends)

5. I am going to audition for the davis county play of "High school Musical" And I really want to be Gabriella or thats ever going to happen but i can dream can't I!

4. I have never broken a bone in my whole life! but you know I always wonder what that would be like...everyone would care for you and stuff. But hey it hasen't happened yet!

3. I love to shop and be pampered. Most of you probably know this but i love to get my hair cut because I love when they massage my head when they are washing my hair. That is being pampered to me! And well if you mention anything like that i'm all ears!

2. I'm considering taking acting classes. I won't be that good but ever since yellowstone I've had a craving for the stage! I want to sing and dance for a play it just sounds like so much fun.

1. (oh good last one!) This summer Peri my friend taught me how to "write cute" she said my handwritting was to neat so she helped me fix it now it is cute! and i was so glad!

Ok so I did my seven...some of you probably knew a lot of things that i said but i tried. But since everyone on my list has been tagged I'm going to start a new thing......:D. Ok I am going to tag Brandi, Heidi, Lila, and my Dad.

The new tag is to write 7 things that are your pet peves! Isn't that creative...I know! So get started and send this around! LOVE YOU ALL! (and sorry it took me so long!)


The Amazing David Osmond Crowther and His Wife said...

hey brooke, Nice to see you finally post! Although, I did have to wait like forever!

I really like getting my head shampooed too - anyone playing with my hair or massaging my head is wonderful!

Lila said...

Yeah, Dave, you are one to talk! How long did it take you guys to post? For-ev-er!

Avery is totaly into make-up and nails lately. We are coming up in a few weeks so we can all have fun with that together.

So what is the guys name and where does he live.

Maybe when I am at your place I can watch High School Musical. I still haven't seen it but, Ashley Tisdel stayed at the same resort as we did when we were in Hawaii...

Dancing Queen said...

His name is Austin he lives in Washington I would love to do make up and stuff! thats cool about hawaii thanks!