Monday, June 25, 2007

The cake we made

My birthday cake!

Today me and Georgie made a cake for my birthday. We saw it on a magazine and decided to try it. It was fun but it took time, and work. (not to mention a big mess to clean up after we were done.) But in the end it turned out really good!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

My last day of school in the ER...

Okay everybody, don't worry i'm totally fine! Just so everybody knows on Friday the 1st i woke up at 3 in the morning from a really sharp pain in my chest. It hert so bad that I couldn't sleep. I just got up and would walk around. I didn't want to wake up my dad, but a little tiny cough did that. Well after a blessing and a hot shower we desided to go to the ER. I was worried but I just wanted the pain gone. Well when I got there I had and ECG...(whatever that is??) and some x-rays on my chest. They didn't find anything thankfully! I was so tired but the pain would'nt let me fall asleep. So they drew some blood(and for a girl whose never had that done it was a lot of blood and i have a big bruse to prove it!) and gave me a anti-inflamitory shot. And finally...I FELL ASLEEP! About an hour later I woke up to call my friend and tell her if I didn't come to school to get my yearbook. Then they came in and told me the results. Well it was either my tissur rubbing against my rib cage causing it to get inflamed, or it could be a blood clot in my lung... not very likly but since my blood count was a little low and i had high blood pressure. I feel fine now but my sister Brandi thinks I have what she had which is Gahl stones, something in the Gahl blatter. But for now i'm fine so don't worry. (in the end i got to school to sign yearbooks!.......YES!)